You find yourself in the dreamy paradise of Iemia.....

Chibiibot/DreamieMirage's website

Hey, I'm Shay, pronouns are she/they, I'm currently 24,and live somewhere in the South.

I'm a very day dreamy type of person who constantly experiences anemoia. I always wished I could have been born earlier, either due to the state of the world, or because my parents who had kids much later in life. I often wonder what experiences I would've personally had if I had been born in the 80's or Early 90's, not that there was anything wrong with the early 2000's. I look fondly on what I grew up with back then. I find it strange that people are romanticizing that decade so soon,but again, I guess the state of the world just makes us long for the past in general...I guess making this little website is a way to get in touch with the yesterweb that I have the tiniest memories of~ Can't decide between something cute and pixelly, or more complex and stylish. Not sure how the heck I'm going to design it or what yet, but we'll see